Picture above: Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes, Bishop Nikoli Grib and his wife Tamara Grib from “Word of Truth Church” in Riga.

Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes visited again Latvia from the 13th to the 15th of January 2012. He visited the following churches: “Word of Truth Church” in Eleja where Marion and Veronika Chasnovich are the pastor couple, “New Life Christian Centre” in Bauska where Andrey and Rita Zalutsky are the pastor couple, “Living Word Church” in Jurmala where Leonid and Galina Filimonov are the pastor couple and “Word of Truth Church “in Riga where Bishop Nikoai and Tamara Grib are the pastor couple.

Nikolai Grib is Bishop of the Pentecostal Union of Latvia. He is responsible for all the Russian Pentecostal churches in Latvia. These churches focus on reaching new people with the Gospel. In Bishop Grib`s church in Riga they arrange meetings every Saturday where they hand out clothes and food to the needy and give people the Gospel. Through this social commitment , many people have been saved and added to the church. In Filinonov`s church in Jurmala they arranged Christmas pary this weekend for the whole family. The children were given presents and through this event, several of the parents were saved.

Picture above: Asbjørn Skjortnes preaches the Gospel in “Word of Truth Church ” in Riga.

Many were saved and healed.

The focus of Asbjørn`s preaching was that the power of the Gospel unto salvation and healing was completed on the cross. Many received the word of faith and about 75 people said yes to Jesus this weekend.

Several also withessed of immediate healings. Two men and a woman testified that they had received their hearing back after prayer. A woman who could not lift her arm and had had many years with pains , raised her arn after prayer without pain. many also testified that pains in the back, neck and legs disappeared after prayer. Others reported that legs that were too short grew out. God`s mercy and grace was revealed in the meetings. It is wonderful to see that the churches in Latvia are growing and that more new people are being reached with the Gospel and that the churches have their focus on the salvation of souls.

Asbjørn will continue his meetings in Latvia and this spring he will also visit churches in Poland, France and Beligum. Pray for a continued harves in Europa.