Picture above: Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes is preaching the Gospel in “God is Love Pentecostal Church” in Birzai, Lithuania.

Blessed „Follow Jesus Ministries“

As Pastor of Birzai pentecostal church I want to say big thanks for Asbjørn Skjortnes‘s ministry in our church meetings. We praise God for everything, what He has done through this wonderful man of God. We are excited when we see his dedication to God, to preaching the Gospel around the world. He inspires us by his faith, energy, life style, love to sinners, simple way to share the Good News about Salvation. We had an opportunity to see how Asbjørn Skjortnes was leading healing service.

Picture above: Valdemaras Valkiunas from the Government opens the meetings in “God is Love Pentcostal Church, Birzai, Lithuania.

One man from Goverment (Valdemaras Valkiūnas) came to Saturday meeting. He wanted to stay short time, say some words to people, but he was in meeting till the end. He saw the miracles, saw how the people fell down under the power of Holy Spirit, but it not shocked him very much. He heard the full gospel, and prayed with others, who came infront to pray the prayer of salvation. He said, that his ancestors were the members of pentecostal church, and people in this church are near to his heart. He promissed to come to this church more times.

Next day – Sunday, Asbjørn Skjortnes preached in two services, at 11 and 16 o‘clock. He preached joyfully, with great anointing. We saw happy faces of people, when they were listening this joyful message. Jesus Christ saves and heals people today, like in days of Bible. Two men from Goverment came to the first Sunday meeting, they heard the Gospel.

The pastor from Panevėžys, Ramūnas Kairys was atending in the second Sunday meeting. He wants to invite Asbjørn Skjortnes to his church the next time.

Picture above: The woman had backpain for many years because the one leg was shorter than the other. After prayer the leg grew out and the back was straightened up, she was completely healed.

People were saved and felt the healing power of God in their bodies, during these meetings on the 9th and the 10th of February 2013. The prayer of repentance was prayed by about 20 people over two days, and much more people were healed by the name of Jesus! We are so thankful to God for that! Some people testified about healing, some just thanked Jesus for it. Some of them are talking about healing now, after some days, because they got not instant healing, but now their health condition is much better.

Picture above: We praise the Lord after the woman has been healed from 35 years with strong pain because of arthritis. After prayer she was totally healed.

We had a truly blessed time and we are looking forward to see him again, preaching in other towns of Lithuania (may be Kaunas, Panevėžys) in Autumn or next year. We will pray for this wonderfull man of God – Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes.

Pastor Linas Šnaras

Pentecostal church „God is Love“

Biržai, Lithuania