Picture above: From the left deacons Ruta and Virginijus Berlinskiene, evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes and pastors Linas and Vera Snaras

Dear Follow Jesus Ministries!

In the name of all our church, I am writing you to thank for Asbjørn Skjortnes‘s visit to Lithuania. We feel honoured that we had evangelist who travels all around the world in our small town’s church.

On our Saturday’s service, evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes told the story, how he was radically saved. He told us about his first trip to India, where he had his first mission and lots of people were healed. It was a first time for him to see how powerful God was using him just by reading the word of God. So, we liked this story very much.

After that, he preached about Jesus Christ, who was the same yesterday, is now and will be that way forever. He is able to do the same miracles today, as He was doing 2000 years ago. Nothing is changed. Jesus saves and heals people today, like in days of Bible. We had an opportunity to see how true this word really is when Asbjørn Skjortnes was leading healing service.

On our Sunday’s service, we heard a message about the origin of gospel – the good news, which brings the joy to everyone. The evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes told that Jesus was happy because God anointed him with the oil of joy. Nowadays, we tend to forget to be happy when we preach the gospel.

Some of us didn’t even know that Jesus was happy. If we want to be like Jesus, we must be happy too. So, evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes reminded us that, so that we can preach it with joy from this day on. It was good to see happy faces, when people was listening this joyful message.

Picture above: The woman raises her hands after prayer and thanks the Lord that she has been completely healed from arthritis and pain, that she had in about 11 years.

People were saved and felt the healing power of God in their bodies, during these meetings in August 18–19th 2012. The prayer of repentance prayed about 30-40 people over two days, and much more people was healed by the name of Jesus! We are so thankful God for that! Some people testified about healing, some just thanked Jesus for it. Some of them are talking about healing now, after some days, because they got not instant healing, but now their health condition is much better.

We are very thankful Asbjørn Skjortnes’s for his dedication to the ministry. We had a truly blessed time and we are looking forward to see him again, preaching in Lithuania next year.

Pastor Linas Šnaras

Pentecostal church „God is Love“

Biržai, Lithuania