Picture above: Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes preaches the gospel in The New Testament Church in Perm.

Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes visited Russia from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2012. This time he visited five of The New Testament Chuch`s congregations. Asbjørn visited The New Testament Church in the following locations: Kudymkar where Slava and Natasha Gerasimov are pastors; Urla in Perm region where Alex and Katya Buldakov are pastors; Gainy in Perm region where Igor and Natasha Paiolugulov are pastors; Lysva where Mikhail and Lena Kreydich are pastors and the main church The New Testament Church in Perm where Edward and Larissa Grobovenko are pastors. Edward is also bishop of “The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith” which consists of 1100 Pentecostal churches in Russia.

The New Testament Church in Perm is one of the largest in Russia with about 4000 members. The church has purchased the large Palace of Culture and on Sundays they have three church services to accommodate all the visitors. The New Testament Church in Perm has founded 250 other churches in their region and has a vision to start many more churches in Russia.

Many people were saved during the meetings.

Picture above: Many people responded to the altar call.

During these meetings, over 200 people made known that they will accept Jesus as their savior. It was also a strong tangible manifestation of God`s presence and healing power, and many testified instaneous healings.

The main focus of the preaching was that the gospel is å great joy for all the people( Luke 2:10-11) . When Philip preached the gospel of Christ in Samaria, and the multitudes saw the signs and wonders that happened, many crippled and lame were healed, so it was a great joy in the city ( Acts 8:5-8).

The opening of a new church building.

The Pictures above: The new church building in the village Urla in the Perm region. Asbjørn preached the Word of God in the solemn opening of the new building.

Asbjørn also attended the opening of a new church building in the village of Urla in the Perm region. The congregation organized a celebration and it was a solemn opening of this new church.

Asbjørn continues his meetings in Russia bimonthly whose focus is to reach new places with the gospel with the intent to plant many new churches.

The needs are great in Russia, pray with us for a continual great harvest so that new churches can be opened and God`s kingdom prosper.