Then we headed east from Cochin, several hours drive with jeep high into the mountains. We had a campaign in Anai Mudi, which means Elephant Mountain about 9000 feet above sea level to reach the unreached Hindus with the Gospel. The first meeting of this campaign, I preached from Heb.13.8. The message was: “The miracle Christ.” It was important that the miracles happened already at the first meeting, which could persuade Hindus that Jesus is alive. And during the mass prayer for the sick, the demons began to manifest themselves. People were knocked to the ground and the demons came out. Testimonies said that leaning backs had straightened up, tumors disappeared and many with pain of the body were healed.

A four year old girl healed of polio.

Asbjørn prays for a four years old girl who is lame with polio and carries forward by her mother.

Her you can see the same girl walking together with her mother totally healed.

But the greatest miracle of this night was probably a 4 year old girl who contracted polio when she was 1 year old and was completely paralyzed. She was instantly healed. And there were not many dry eyes when she walked her first steps on the platform completely healed (see the picture over).

In the second meeting, I preached on “The drama on the house top.” From Mark 2:1-12. About the lame man who came through the roof and was healed.
After the mass prayer for the sick, many testified of healing. Blind people had their sight, and many testified about the aches and pains that disappeared.
The anticipation grew in the meetings and more people came to the meetings.

In the last meeting, I preached a salvation message of interest: “How to bee saved.” From Matt.1: 21 It had already happened so many healings in the first few meetings, that the Hindus now began to be convinced. When I asked the people if they wanted to receive Jesus as their savior, hands were lifted all over the place as they responded to the call to receive Jesus.

At last the sick were prayed for and it was a wonderful demonstration of God’s power. Blind saw; deaf heared , disabled were healed, pain in the back, neck and legs disappeared. There were so many testimonies of healing that it becomes difficult to include everyone. It was absolutely fantastic! God will have all the glory!

New church in Anai Mudi.

After this I have had contact with CPThomas and they have already arranged the baptism of all the Hindus who were saved. And they have started a new church in this area. Gospel Light has come to Anai Mudi, India!