Picture above: Asbjørn Skjortnes preaches God`s gospel of grace in “ The House of God Church” in Gent, Belgia

Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes visited the “Good News Church” in Lille, France where Dimitri and Nina Pasichnik are the pastor couple, from the 9th to the 10th of April 2011

Asbjørn also visited the “The House of God Church” in Gent, Belgium, where Arthur and Tanya Nazarjan are the pastor couple.
Both churches have many young members. They also have a modern and fresh worship and a strong children’s and youth work. These churches express a great heart for people and has experienced continuous growth and progress.

Asbjørn Skjortnes was invited to have evangelistic meetings in order to reach unbelievers with the gospel. The focus of the preaching was Hebrews. 13:8: “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday and today yes forever.” What Jesus did in biblical days, he does also today, His love, mercy and compassion is the same for people today.
The focus of the preaching was to inspire the congregation to reach the unbelievers with God’s gospel of grace.

Many people were saved and healed.

During these two days, 83 people have been saved and many testified immediate healings.
Several testified that they received their hearing back after prayer. Many also testified that neck- and back pain disappeared during prayer and too short legs grew out.

Picture above: Pastors Dimitri and Nina Pasichnik, and evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes.

Pastor Dimitri in “Good News Church” testified that all of his back pain disappeared after prayer.
In “The House of God Church” a woman who had had severe pain in her body since she was a small child, was completely healed and felt that all her pain disappeared after prayer.
Many people experienced God’s grace and love to salvation and healing and the churches were strengthened in the faith for a great harvest in Europe.