Picture above: The pastor couple Arnis and Modra Morniece in the “Christ Church” , Dobele, Latvia and evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes.

Evangelist Asbjørn Skjortnes visited again Latvia from the 6th to the 8th of May 2011. He visited the “Christ Church” in Dobele, where Arnis and Modera Morniece are the pastor couple. In addition, he visited the “Living Word Church” in Jurmala, where Leonid and Galina Filimonov are the pastor couple.

The focus of the preaching was: “Come, for everything is now finished”!

The proclamation of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, was the theme of the meetings and the response was great. During the meetings, many people said yes to Jesus. Asbjørn also inspired the churches to reach out to the non believers with God’s gospel of grace.

Immediate healings.

Several testified also about immediate healings. One man testified that all the pain in his shoulders and arms were gone after prayer. The suffering he had had for many years disappeared and he was thrilled that he managed to lift both his arms after the prayer (see photo belove).

Picture above: The man on the picture witnessed that all the pain in his shoulders and arms was gone after prayer. He had been suffering for many years and was very excited that he managed to lift both of his arms again.

Another man had struggled with pain in his back, neck and arms for years. After prayer all the pain disappeared and he testified thankfully about his healing.

A woman who had not managed to lift her left arm for over 10 years because of calcification and severe pain, managed to lift her arm after the prayer and all the pain was gone.
Another woman testified that she was healed of arthritis. The pain was gone after the prayer and she was able to walk normally.
One woman also testified that her leg was healed and the pain disappeared as she sat in the audience and heard the preaching. She stood up in the hall and walked normally. Then she came forward and testified about what the Lord had done.

Several others testified that pain in back, neck and legs was gone after prayer and the legs that were too short grew out.
The Lord’s mercy and compassion to the sick people was really evident in these meetings and the churches were strengthened in their faith and grew to the glory of God.

The meetings in Latvia continues.

Asbjørn will continue the meetings in Latvia for a weekend a month and this fall there will be additional meetings in Ukraine and Russia.

Please pray with us for a big harvest in Europe!